Extended COVID-19 Furloughs, Layoffs and Other WARN Act Concerns: Avoiding Notice Requirement Pitfalls

Angelo Amador of the Restaurant Law Center hosts a webinar, with guests from RLC Law Firm Partners JacksonLewis and SheppardMullin to offer insights on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act and various state offshoots.

The federal WARN Act and state “mini-WARN” seek to protect workers from abrupt layoffs by requiring some employers to give advance written notice of mass layoffs. Michael Jakowsky and Isaac Burker of JacksonLewis will discuss how the federal WARN Act operates, particularly its current implications on extended furloughs or hours reductions due to COVID-19. Derek Havel of SheppardMullin will also address a sample of state mini-WARN Act statutes and peculiarities to take into account to remain in full compliance.