Crystal Ball 2021: How Upcoming Elections Could Impact Restaurant Regulations

The 2020 elections are just around the corner. With elections come uncertainty—not only about which people and party will be in power, but also about what issues may lead the agenda and which industries may be targeted. As you know well, this uncertainty creates challenges for businesses.
With this webinar, Gabriel Gillett and Emily Loeb, partners at Jenner & Block LLP, aim to reduce at least some of the uncertainty by offering their insight into what the possible electoral outcomes might mean for the restaurant and foodservice industry. In particular, they will discuss:

• Potential scenarios for how key federal, state, and local elections could play out;
• How those outcomes may impact laws and regulations touching the restaurant industry—including related to labor and employment, energy/environment, privacy, and other areas;
• What the elections portend for investigations, including by congressional committees, federal and state regulators, and attorneys general;
• Steps you can take now to make sure you’re prepared for the outcome.


Aaron Frazier

Director, Healthcare and Tax Policy, National Restaurant Association