Business Interruption Insurance Claims: What You Need To Know Now

As the restaurant and foodservice industry continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19 and government shut-down orders, many have sought business interruption coverage under commercial property insurance policies.  To date, insurers have routinely refused to pay these claims.  So many policyholders have sued, and many more are considering whether to take legal action.

In this webinar, Angelo Amador, Executive Director of the Restaurant Law Center, welcomes Gabriel Gillett, Jeremy Creelan, and Jan Larson — partners at Jenner & Block LLP with deep experience at the intersection of complex litigation and insurance — who will walk through legal and practical considerations around business interruption claims and what they mean for the restaurant and foodservice industry.  As litigators directly involved in these issues, they will share insights and discuss the following:

  • Key policy provisions and exclusions, and how they may vary across policies;
  • Critical legal questions related to coverage, including whether physical loss or damage is required, a virus exclusion applies, and civil authority coverage is triggered;
  • Current state of litigation, including pending federal and state class actions across the country and applications to consolidate and coordinate the cases through a federal “multidistrict litigation”;
  • Important practical considerations in deciding what your company should do.